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What are

Aditya Birla Money Limited embraces the philosophy of simplifying stock market investing for its customers. Strengthening the vision, ABM partners with Wealthdesk to introduce WealthBaskets – expert curated ready to invest baskets of Stocks & ETFs by SEBI registered advisors. Be it a New Investor or a seasoned player, we got you covered. WealthBaskets can be based on a theme, sector, or idea.

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What makes WealthBaskets special?

Curated by Top
Advisory Houses
Diversifies Portfolio
Periodic Rebalancing
to beat volatility
Complete control over
Direct receipt of
Theme/Sector based
No hidden costs
No lock-in period

Why WealthBasket is a
smart investment

Features WealthBaskets Other Asset Classes
Transparency and direct ownership wealth-check wealth-cross
Diversification Benefits wealth-check wealth-cross
low Management Fees wealth-check wealth-cross
Constant Support wealth-check wealth-cross
Take Benefits of Upcoming Trends wealth-check wealth-cross

Discover our Curators

Stay in charge of your Investments, We mean it!

Direct ownership

All the underlying stocks and ETFs that you invest through a WealthBaskets sit in your Demat account

Completely liquid

There is no lock-in involved. You can exit anytime


As the stocks and ETFs reside in your Demat account, there is complete visibility of what you hold

Periodic Rebalancing

follow recommended entry / exits to stay ahead of market volatility

Direct Credit of Dividends

dividends earned from the stocks invested are credited into your account directly. No hidden charges

Investing in WealthBaskets aren’t as tough!

Step 1:

Click on ‘Explore WealthBaskets’

Step 2:

Pick a Basket you are interested in

Step 3:

Login using ABM credentials’

Step 4:

Complete profiling in a few clicks

Step 5:

Invest and Track your Investment

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The minimum amount varies depending on the WealthBasket and the WealthBasket Manager. But we’ve ensured there’s a WealthBasket within everyone’s financial reach.

Wealth generation is for everyone!

There are no separate exit fees.

No separate account is required to invest in a WealthBasket. Simply use your existing trading login credentials.

Dividends in any underlying constituent stocks in the WealthBasket will be credited directly to your bank account. The platform allows you to track paid out dividends just like your realized and unrealized capital gains.

1. Investing

You invest in a WealthBasket by using funds in your Broking account. All invested WealthBasket underlying stock or ETF constituents will be added to your Demat account.

2. Tracing

You can track your invested WealthBaskets performance, dividends and evaluate your portfolio under “My WealthBaskets”. You can see details of every stock, so you know where your money is at all times.

3. Managing

You have complete control on your investment. You can invest more, withdraw or exit from your WealthBasket anytime. You can also see & review rebalance updates, etc., from "View Activity".

At the moment, it is not possible to purchase WealthBasket outside of market hours.

Rebalancing is the process of periodically reviewing WealthBasket by creator who is a SEBI Registered Professional. It ensures that the WealthBasket continues to reflect the original investment or research strategy. You should review & approve the rebalance as you receive them.

Please note:

  1. Rejecting rebalance, may impact the performance of the WealthBasket as you deviate from the strategy.
  2. You can check the rebalance frequency on the WealthBasket details page.

There are no lock-in periods for WealthBasket.

You can exit your WealthBasket anytime, though following the recommended Investment Horizon of the underlying WealthBasket helps to get optimal performance as per expectations.


  1. You can either exit completely or partially
  2. Select a WealthBasket from User WealthBasket page
  3. Click on Exit WealthBasket button & place the order

  1. When the SEBI Registered Professional recommends a 'Rebalance', You will receive notifications through Email and SMS.
  2. You need to apply the changes to your portfolio.
  3. The same will show under the Actions section.
  4. You can simply go into the pending actions tab and approve all your pending rebalance or rejected orders and you are good.

You can choose WealthBaskets that have a long-term investment period. The platform offers several WealthBaskets with different underlying strategies and models for long-term investment.