Open Store API for Algo trading

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Open Store

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Open for ALL



Active or passive investors who don’t have proper tools to diverisfy across asst classes or who don’t have enough time to track and invest can opt for our products.


Option Traders

Option traders who have a winning strategy but want to scale their positions and avoid slippages using automation can opt for products designed only for option traders.


Algo Traders

Algo traders who either know how to code or even if you are a newbie can initiate simple or complex trading strategies using our automated algo products.


Start ups

Start ups who dont want to invest heavily in technology and manpower can use existing infrasturcture of ABML to boost their business in becoming a Unicorn in the long haul.

Advantages of Open Store

Free APIs

Our free API’s will help you setup full-fledged trading platforms with capabilities from capturing the data to executing & monitoring trades. You can convert your trading ideas into trading strategies using ABML API’s. Also connect with third-party algo trading software’s to setup your trading strategies.



Our detailed API documentation will help you to integrate step by step. API Documentation contains information about the services offered by ABML, how to use its various end points, parameters and other implementation instructions.



Incase, you need any assistance for API integration – Our team will provide you support related to ABML APIs.



This will provide programmatic access to the ABML platform thereby enabling to customize your trading platforms.


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