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To reach us for any of our services, SMS the below short codes to 567679
  1. Broking/Distribution SMS: ABM to 567679
  2. Wealth Management SMS: ABMM to 567679
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Name Description
Account Statement
A statement issued by the mutual fund, giving details of transactions and holdings of an investor. This is normally issued in lieu of a unit certificate.
Adjusted NAV (Total Return)
The notional net asset value of a unit assuming reinvestment of distributions made to the investors in any form. This is relevant to calculate the total returns from the fund.
Age Of Fund
The time elapsed since the launch of the fund.
Annual Return
The percentage of change in net asset value over a year's time, assuming reinvestment of distribution such as dividend payment and bonuses.
Annualized Returns
Absolute returns over a period (which could be larger or smaller than a year) aggregated to a period of one year. Used for the purpose of comparing returns over different periods.
Applicable NAV
The NAV at which a transaction is effected. A cut-off time is set by the fund and all investments or redemptions are processed at that particular NAV. This NAV is relevant if the application is received before that cut-off time. If the application is received thereafter, it will be treated as the next day's application and allotted the relevant NAV.
Application Form
Form prescribed for investors to make applications for subscribing to the units of a fund. Some funds also accept applications on plain paper.
Asset Allocations
Allocation of the funds held by the mutual fund to various categories of assets such as equity, debt and others. This is based on the investment objective of the scheme.
Asset Management Company (AMC)
The company vested with the responsibility of managing investments of the schemes of a fund in line with the stated investment objective of each scheme.
Attained age
Attained age refers to your current age
Automatic Investment Plan
Under these plans, the investor mandates the mutual fund to allot fresh units at specified intervals (monthly, quarterly) against which the investor provides post-dated cheques. On the specified dates, the cheques are realised by the mutual fund and on realisation, additional units at the prevailing NAV are allotted to the investor. This inculcates a healthy and disciplined saving habit.
Average cost method
This is the average price of units purchased by the investor calculated by adding up all the costs involved in purchasing all the units of investment and then dividing the sum by the total number of units. .
Average Maturity
Average time to maturity of all fixed-period investments in the portfolio of a scheme.
Back End Load
The difference between the NAV of the units of a scheme and the price at which they are redeemed. The difference is charged by the fund.
Balance Maturity Tenure Of A Scheme
In the case of close-ended schemes, the time remaining until the redemption of the scheme.
Balanced Funds
Funds that invest in equity and debt instruments in varying proportions. These funds supplement capital appreciation from equities with a steady return from debt instruments. To a large extent, the returns depend on the performance of the equity portion in the portfolio. There is some flexibility in changing the asset composition between equity and debt and fund managers exploit this to buy the best asset class at each time.
A parameter with which some thing can be compared with. For example, the performance of an equity scheme can be benchmarked against the BSE Sensex. In this case, the BSE Sensex will be known as the benchmark index.
It shows the sensitivity of the fund to movements measured against the benchmark. A beta of more than 1 indicates an aggressive fund and the value of the fund is likely to rise or fall more than the benchmark. A beta of less than 1 implies a defensive fund that will rise or fall less than the benchmark. A beta of 1 indicates that the fund and the benchmark will react identically.
A debt instrument issued either by a company, the government or its agencies. It carries a fixed interest and promises return of principal on a specified date.
Additional units allotted to investors on the basis of their existing holdings. Basically, there is a split of existing units into more than one unit resulting in the reduction of the NAV per unit.
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To reach us for any of our services, SMS the below short codes to 567679

  1. Broking/Distribution SMS: ABM to 567679
  2. Franchisee Partner: ABM to 567679
  3. Portfolio Management Services: ABMCS 567679

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