Thematic baskets for investment

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Aditya Birla Money Limited

Aditya Birla Money Limited

Thematic baskets for investment

What is thematic investment

Explore the new style of investment in Stocks

Discover a simpler way to invest in stock market with our new Thematic Investment platform. Instead of wondering which stocks to purchase, invest in themes. Based on fundamental research, our in house experts select stocks that belong to a specific theme and bundle them together. All you need to do is select the theme which suits your style and invest in a bucket of stocks in one go!! Yes, it is that simple. Login to our trading platforms to track and manage your portfolio on the go!!

why thematic investment

Key reasons which make Thematic Investment beneficial


Just 3 clicks to invest

Be on Top

Rebalance your portfolio, anytime, anywhere


Themes are carefully curated by our Research Desk

thematic investment with ABM

Invest on the go or track existing investments with Thematic Investment available on ABTrade as well Mobile Invest.

Never Miss Out a trading opportunity


Thematic Investment is a form of investment in Equity markets which is considered as a Top-down approach. It identifies macro-level (long term) trends and underlying companies benefitting from same. For example, companies benefitting from GST, etc. For more details, Click here.

At Aditya Birla Money, themes are very carefully curated by our inhouse Research team. Themes are rigorously tracked and rebalancing is done as and when required. Rebalancing means adding a couple of promising companies in the theme while deleting couple of non performing companies.

Thematic Investing at Aditya Birla Money is as easy as 3 clicks.
1. Login to our mobile app or website.
2. Visit Thematic Investment & Select desired theme
3. Click on Invest.

At Adity Birla Money, we take extra effort to ensure smooth experience for our customers. We have created a standalone Thematic Portfolio which can be seen from Portfolio section. You will find all thematic investments under Thematic Holdings available on our mobile app as well website.

Yes. Our research desk continously keep tracking all the themes and performances of respective stocks under each theme. If need be, a couple of new stocks are added while a few can be removed as well on the basis of performance. This entire exercise is termed as 'Rebalancing'

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