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Aditya Birla Money Limited

Aditya Birla Money Limited

Portfolio Management Services with multiple investment options and customised plans to match investor goals and ambitions

The PMS Desk is designed to offer investment management services to a wide array of HNI investors, with varying degrees of risk profiles, offering long term wealth creation opportunities through investments in Indian Equity Markets

PMS Offerings

Discretionary Portfolio

Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (D-PMS) Aditya Birla Money Core & Satellite Portfolio/ Multi Cap/ Sector Agnostic

Benefit from a dual approach to portfolio management. Strive to beat the benchmark (CNX100) using superior stock selection (for Core Portfolio) and tactical positioning (for Satellite Portfolio).

Portfolio Features

  • Multi cap strategy
  • Sector agnostic Portfolio (Diversified equity portfolio)
  • A focused 15 – 20 stocks ideas
  • Benchmark – CNX 100

Aditya Birla Money India Consumption Portfolio / Multi cap / Thematic

A unique one of a kind portfolio, this multi cap fund strives to beat the benchmark (BSE 200) using superior stock selection

Portfolio Features

  • Multi cap strategy
  • A Consumption focused portfolio with 12 – 18 stocks ideas
  • Benchmark – BSE 200

Non – Discretionary Portfolio

Non – Discretionary Portfolio Management Services (ND-PMS)

A customised strategy tailor made to suit individual risk profiles.

Portfolio Features

  • Tailored Asset Allocation based on a drawn Investor Policy Statement (IPS) which will define specific & personal needs and objectives
  • Flexibility of discussing investment decisions with Fund Manager
  • The client is always the final decision maker and is always consulted and informed of all investment decisions
  • This PMS is ideal for long term investors who are looking for professional management of their portfolio, while retaining the final decision with themselves
  • Very competitive in the Managed Fund Route

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